Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fashion #14 Student Runway - Samuel Donaldson, Jessica Hogg and Nicole Marrington - Perth Fashion Festival 2012

Student Runway will showcase WA's next generation of fashion talent in a fun event that celebrates the freedom of creative expression. The top design in each category will be announced on the night and includes ready to wear women's, ready to wear men's, eco design, contemporary eveningwear and costume couture. The evening will kick off with The Carton Prelude featuring the debut collections of newcomers Samuel Donaldson, Jessica Hogg and Nicole Marrington.

The show begins with Nicole Marrington's work, she took inspiration from Mongolian textiles with related colours. The open model comes out strong with these powerful masks, the music cued nicely as loud chants of roars as if Mongolian soldiers were marching in the mountains. It was a great atmosphere to open the show nicely.

The last designer is a friend of mine, Sam from iamsam fashion label; focuses on Men's wear. His collection named Desert Storm inspired from textures of the desert with his signature touch. As he walked out behind his models he could not wiped the smile off his face, captured emotions of what these designers live for to be witnessed endless amount of times. 

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