Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Music #1 Whitebunny Life 2012

First festival of the season and man it was a hot day, bearing at 34 degrees. It was a change of pace since it was cloudy/raining 5 days prior. I started my day with pre-drinks with friends, i actually didn't consume any alcohol at all; really couldn't be bothered. Was a bit late for 1.00 start with Flume kicking if off at what ever stage name he played at, the dam security didn't let me into the barrier as the 3rd song already passed. Charli XCX was impressive, i think it was her first show in Perth. Loved the little decorations on the keyboards as the stage looked well prepped. I am starting to dislike the same old set up, Artist should start thinking outside the box if they want to throw a good performance.

The day went on and i saw a lot of friends who i haven't seen for a while, we played ghosting games with randoms while they tried to score free smokes from cool peoples. Plan B was about to start and remembered about the big hype on how good he was from your local Perth people, he recently wrote and directed a film named "I'll Manors" based on 8 characters that struggle to live on the street. Few songs went by and I didn't really get into it, was a bit disappointing to be honest. My old school friend Henry Clarke is front man for uprising trending band Still Water Giants, they started their show at the Pilerates stage. Shit got pretty weird when he asked people to party on stage, i had a chat with him afterwards and he actually didn't expect that many to come on.

Last few acts about to start and i was pretty interested to see what Robyn had installed for us, she booked for Stereosonic few ago but pulled out. What an excellent performer, she was dancing all over the place and finished off the 3rd song with "Cobra Style" This song is really catchy if you haven't  heard it before.

Check out some of the images bellow to see the adventure i capture through Parklife 2012

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