Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fashion #19 - Curtin University Fashion Design Show 2012 - Arcadia

 It's that time of the year again where all the graduation and exhibitions shows are on for the university students of Western Australia. This is the first time i have attended a university fashion show, i was amazed with the amount of people at front of house. The catwalk was formed into a square shape which was different, I would have loved to get some shots higher up on the stands to show the full space of the show. Majority of the garments were mostly neutral tones, a lot of black and darker colours. My close friend Steph Fulham was showcasing in the show, I shot her collection in a studio which i will post on here later. Her colours were really bright, using blues,yellows and grey. They were all digitally printed in the US and shipped over here. She won one of the awards tonight and i think she gets a editorial with Sheila Magazine. Reason i really like to watch the student work is because at this current time the students are still very creative with their designs, they push the boundaries to create some amazing pieces. Later down the track they tend to swing towards commercial side to focus on business of their label. I will be photographing a few more graduate shows next few weeks, cant wait to see what they got for us.

Lauren Sims - MICRO

                                                      Molly Scott - Rubberlution

                                                Anna Jacoba Hohnen - The Beauty in the Darkness

                                                     Tim Watson - A/W 2012                                    

                                                  Ann Le - Vody Inkapsulyatsii

                                               Samuel McCloy - The Human chrysalis

                                               Chloe Bourdon - Japanese Subversion

                                            Serena MacManus - Convulsive Beauty

                                           Emma-Louise May - The Regenerative Spine 

                                                                  Seth Cray - Pleats, No Thank You!

                                                                     Steph Fulham - Organic Unity 

                                       Cassandra MacDonald - Romantic Bindings

                                              Katherine Young - Mind Games

                                                        Xi Chen - The Queue

                                  Ysabel Tang - The Swan Bride & Other Tales

                                          Hannah Steens - Cloth of Contradiction

                                       Adriana Davis - From the Teeth of the Tide 

                                                        Emily Muco - Entropic 

                          Stephanie Kinsman - The Technological Evolution of Couture 

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